Extraordinary Facial Oil

"I hadn't used a facial oil before so I was a little sceptical, thinking it would make my skin too oily. The results were amazing! My skin felt so soft and nourished but never oily.”
"I like that it was not too oily and did not leave a residue, but felt supple for hours after application"
"LOVE it!"
"My nails won’t stop growing. The condition and strength of my nails has improved so much."

Nourishing Moisture Cream 

"Love the fragrance of this moisturiser and it really was perfect under makeup, making it last much longer during the day - I didn't seem to get 'shiny' during the day using this moisturiser."
"Beautiful! I love this day and night."
"OMG, love, love, love this moisturiser! Felt really nourishing on my skin, smelt great.
"Made my skin feel really soft"
"This product was easy to apply, went a long way and made my skin feel great."
"Absorbs nicely before I put on face sunscreen"

Softening Cream Cleanser

"I thought it was an excellent cream cleanser - very effective."
"I wasn't expecting it to remove makeup, but it was brilliant!"
"Really nice."

Oneness Cream Balm

"It’s so thick and rich but it melts away straight into my skin. My legs usually get so dry in the cooler weather but since using this cream they have stayed so soft and moisturised. I use this on my arms and elbows, hands and feet… I love it."
"Quality and goodness - the perfect combination!"
"The fragrance is really nice"