Maree's interview with Estelle & Rawdon on The Hits Auckland 21/06/17

Transcript of Maree Fitzgerald's interview on The Hits Auckland

Estelle: 00:08 And do you know the word Ubuntu?

00:09 Rawdon No we’ve been talking about sort of cool words and I do because of the fact that I had to research the interview we agree on this amazing person,

Estelle: Yes, so Ubuntu is the Kiswahili word meaning human kindness and there is the premise behind the company Essence of humanity. Now they are a skin care company, they are merging Africa and New Zealand. Like in all speaks of the charities that they support, and how they use their proceeds, but also the products that go in other ingredients so they go into the skin care are also from Africa and New Zealand. So it’s a pretty awesome collaboration, 100% of the surplus of the sales from the Essence of humanity support the poorest children around the world. And we are having a chat with Marie [00:52] Inaudible] who is an angel and vista.

Rawdon: Marie, coming from this not much known about the product to talk, can you just talk through the beginnings of this idea. Was this about the two founders looking for a way to raise funds to help people? Or was it that they were creating a skin care range and they were looking for ways to then be able to then looking for places to spend the money as such?

Marie: It was probably the both were taken simultaneously, and for Stacy was in Africa would so they can in another role looking at some fantasied oil and what could be done with that. And that was kind of the birth of the idea, but both of them had always wanted it to see that the company would give back to charity primarily. But I would just say a combination of skills, as much as anything, Casey’s of what she got, the background in charities etc. and in Stacy’s background it’s very much and had to formulate beautiful skin care products.

Rawdon: So it’s the perfect sort of marriage and I guess, and this is 100% social enterprise. Which means every cent of profit goes back into help the various communities as we are talking about Africa and New Zealand.

Marie: That’s right, yes. It will never been the decision to think is that the profit, because it’s quite a meaningful word, and it is put back into growth because we might decide that we want to expand that and create some other skin care products or we want to expand as a range into other areas, but for nearly 100% of the profit either goes into growing the business so that it makes more profit, and then all surpluses go to charity.

Estelle: It’s just like a full cycle of it Marie, I really like it, and oh my gosh the products are so beautiful. Do you know the one that I would like more is a body lotion. A full body lotion. So I will be okay with it:

Rawdon Is that why you got Marie on the show? So you could personally order what you want?

Estelle: She can go back and tell Stacy I wanted to create this.

Marie: I love being involved in the company, I love working with Stacy, in case Stacy in particular but that’s okay I didn’t, the company costs. But it’s really lovely to know that you are doing something that is gonna give back and help.

Rawdon: And I think Marie, I find it fascinating as well from your perspective and also theirs is that rather than coming to you saying we need some help can you please write a cheque because you are philanthropic, with them saying we are actually going to create a business, a company, because it’s hard raising money. Do you think this is the way forward for a lot of charities?

Marie: I think so. I think I mean and I think Hellen got this in the space that she made I think it was last year, the face of the world at the moment not only was poverty but also was what’s happening with global warming, and governments can’t do it on their own. And you know It’s really important that businesses either put a thing to give profits to charity, or that charities look a way that they can become more self-sufficient financially. And this is just one way we have come up with but there is quite an interesting social enterprise with market place coming up now. Were a lot of companies are seeking out and looking at what the social benefit is. And it may not always be money, some of it is finding employment for people, and some of it is education, but there is differently, kind of you know and useful process that we need to do something.

Estelle: Hey Marie we do the segment on the show called extraordinary with Rodin, get it, EXTRODINARY. And it’s also the extraordinary facial oil from essence of humanity. So maybe I need to get this order amongst this a little bit.

Marie: Yeah maybe we need to come up with a neem skin care arrangement.

Estelle: Oh say now we are talking, now we are talking but I will put some of that on him so he can see how it feels.

Rawdon: You covered me in glue yesterday, I should get rid of the glue which is still on my face.

Estelle: We will also and very generously thanks to Stacy and Cass, we have got some of the essence of humanity products to give away. So and I really want to share the message because I love the full cycle. And full story behind this Marie so yeah thanks for being part of the show.

Marie: You are welcome, thank you very much.

Rawdon: Yeah, good to speak to you Marie.

Marie: Alright cool, thanks for [5:04]Inaudible]

Estelle: Are you in love with essence of humanity?

Rawdon: Im in love with the concept. Im in love with the concept of people who have actually reached a point where they can actually give something back. Not just potentially and it would be lovely just writing cheque ‘s to charities which would be great. But I just think, hold on, these guys have created a business solely to try.

Estelle: And fund their projects

Rawdon: So this sort of thing is slightly bigger and I think it’s a great concept as far as the products, well I haven’t seen them.

Estelle: Oh my God they smell amazing. There is the extra ordinary facial oil, that nourishing moisture cream, one that’s cream balm and the softening cream which gets you make up off, it’s amazing. We are gonna give one of these picks away right now.