Travel Skincare Tips

You may have your skincare routine perfected at home, but if you’re like most people, taking care of your skin on the go is a little trickier. Long plane rides, unpredictable days and strange weather can wreak havoc on your epidermis, but taking care of your skin while you travel is not impossible. Here are a few ideas to keep you glowing as you globetrot.

Stick to your Routine

As much as you can, try to treat your skin like you would at home. Chances are good that your schedule will be very different than your skin is used to, so be conscious of those changes and adjust accordingly.

It’s important to wash your face at least once a day and regularly apply moisturizer and sunscreen. Remember that your skin reacts to both topical and internal changes so in between sips of Pina Colada on the beach, make sure you’re also drinking plenty of water.

Getting plenty of sleep is also a crucial factor in keeping your skin happy and healthy. We know you may not want to waste a minute of sightseeing time, but if possible, try to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Be Prepared

Travelling to new places may make your skin feel out of whack for a bit. A change in humidity may cause dry skin or breakouts, while other factors like city smog or sand may pose new challenges for your skin. If that happens, don’t panic. Your skin will typically adjust after a few days.

If you’d like to cut down your skin’s transition period, though, do some research on the places you will travel to and pack accordingly.

It’s also smart to think through each day's activities. We recommend going make-up free, for example, if you know you will be stuck on a plane for more than 6 hours,

Keep it Small

As you travel, we recommend sticking to carry-on size luggage whenever possible. Many flights charge extra fees for checked baggage, and other methods of transportation like trains and buses may have limited space for large suitcases.

Even if you must check a bag, consider keeping your toiletries close by in a smaller carry on. Mix-ups happen and you don’t want to be left without your essential skincare products if the airline misplaces your bag.

To be sure your liquid products will make it past airline security, transfer an appropriate amount into a clear, travel-size bottle or tub. Many brands also make travel-size versions of their products to make it even easier to fly!

It’s also a good idea to a miniature skincare kit with you in your purse or daypack. This could include things like blotting papers, hydration mists, lip balm and anything else your skin needs to make it through a long day.

Try Something New

Whether its hammams in Turkey or fish pedicures in Thailand, every culture has its own skincare secrets. Trying new things while you travel is not only fun, you may learn something you want to add to your everyday routine!

Essence of Humanity’s products have borrowed skincare secrets from around the world - relying heavily on ideas from various regions of Africa. Ingredients like Mafura butter, Kalahari melon seed and Kigelia extracts have been used in African cultures for generations and are now an active part of our cleansers and creams.

Ultimately, the most important part of travelling to new places is learning from people, places and experiences that are different than you’re used to. So spread on the sunscreen, pack up those travel sizes and go meet the world.