Not-So-New Year’s Resolutions

For most people, January 1st is a day of fresh starts, new beginnings and a promise of productive habits but as the first month of the new year draws to a close, you may be reaching a familiar slump.

New years resolutions have a habit of fizzling out fast but the good news is that you can set new goals for yourself all year round. It’s never too late to pick your resolutions up off the ground and start again.

If you’re having trouble coming up with sustainable resolutions to make this year, here are some goals that we would all benefit from setting.

1.) Wash your face every day.

Ideally, we should wash our faces twice a day in the morning and evening. This ensures that all of our oil, grime, and dead skin build-up gets rinsed away consistently. If you’re finding it hard to keep up, store some face wash in the shower so that you can wash your hair and face at the same time.

Just make sure the water isn’t too hot. The skin on our face is very easy to damage and hot water can burn away the top layer of our epidermis, leaving the rest red, irritated and prone to breakouts. Instead, rinse your face with tepid water and seek out a cleanser that is powerful, yet gentle.

We recommend Essence of Humanity’s Softening Cream Cleanser, which will leave your skin feeling soothed and invigorated.  

2.) Follow the rule of 8’s

It’s important that we take care of our bodies by staying hydrated, rested and active. Doctors recommend that we drink 8 cups of water, get at least 8 minutes of high-energy exercise and sleep for 8 hours every day.  

These habits are some of the hardest to stick to, but if you persevere you will notice a drastic difference in the way you feel.

3.) Pick your plastic

Plastic is terrible for the environment. It endangers plant and animal life and helps contribute to global warming. Luckily, more and more alternatives are hitting the market. This year, why not choose three plastic products to cut out of your life.

Plastic grocery bags, straws, and food storage containers can all be easily replaced with more sustainable options like reusable, cloth grocery bags, metal straws, and glass Tupperware.

4.) Shop Responsibly

In this day and age, even the simple act of buying a banana can have unintended consequences. Sadly, many companies exploit their workers and use harmful chemicals in the making of their products. Make it a goal this year to research before you buy.

Essence of Humanity’s skincare line is a great example of responsible spending. The skincare line is 100% natural - made from ingredients like soothing Mafura butter and balancing sandalwood extract. Plus we give 100% of our profits to a children’s home house in Miti Mingi village, Kenya.

To top it all off, Essence of Humanity skincare products are sure to revive your skin and leave you feeling like it’s a new year all year round.