Natural Skincare 101

“Nature gets it right and it is potentially human intervention that can get it so totally wrong.”

-Dr Libby Weaver

If you're reading this post, you most likely want healthy, beautiful skin and you want to achieve it without the use of any harmful ingredients, harsh chemicals or toxins. If so, transitioning to natural, organic skincare (which use ingredients that you can actually pronounce) may be the right option for you. 

Here’s what you need to know:

What is natural skin care?

Natural skincare use products sourced from nature. For example, some of our products are made from ingredients like rooibos tea and baobab oil. Natural skincare products are also free from parabens, harmful chemicals, synthetics, petroleum, toxins and dyes.

Why choose natural skin care?

Our skin is our largest organ and any products we use have the potential to impact our health – our skin absorbs 60-90% of what we put on it! So, we really want to avoid any nasty ingredients that can make their way into our body. Not all chemicals are regulated so they can be extremely unsafe. By choosing natural, you'll also be helping the planet by reducing demand for harmful chemicals and saying NO to animal testing, while enhancing your wellbeing and taking a stand for your health and the environment!

Natural products work better

The good news is - many natural ingredients offer incredibly potent benefits.

Natural skin care products contain on average 80 - 90% active ingredients compared to high street brands, which may contain less than 10%.  Your body can also better use and metabolise natural substances.

Think about it this way – " whole substances contain everything they need to be effective, chemicals that have been isolated can confuse the body.” *

Transitioning to natural skincare

When selecting products, make sure to read the ingredients, as marketing labels can be deceiving, so check that there are no hidden nasties in there! Find a trusty source of information (remember, many beauty bloggers and celebrities are paid to endorse products) and brands that have the credibility to back up their claims!

All of our products have been specially formulated by award-winning natural skincare creator Stacey Fraser who has worked with some of New Zealand's top natural skincare brands.

When it comes to transitioning to natural skincare – we recommend a slow and mindful approach. Many women switch over from mainstream products to natural all at once. This can lead to breakouts, as the skin purges of all the nasty chemicals it was used to getting before.  We recommend trialing one product at a time. You will wonder why you haven’t made the switch sooner!

Let us know how you get on! If you have any questions about transitioning to natural skincare, you can always flick us an e-mail on We’d love to answer your questions!