How Meditation and Mindfulness Can Improve Your Appearance

Ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at the end of a stressful week and thought ‘Who is that person!?’


When we get stressed our bodies are flooded with hormones that can be helpful in the short-term but incredibly harmful over time. Extended stress can lead to anything from headaches to bellyaches, heartburn to heart attacks.


It’s no wonder then, that it’s hard to look our best when we’re feeling stressed.


Unfortunately, getting unstressed is never as easy as it sounds. Sometimes we have seasons where slowing down is not an option and sometimes we slow down only to find that the stillness is more stressful than the chaos.


By far, one of the most effective ways to combat stress is to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. This, along with eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising, make up a pattern of mindful living that will change your appearance from the inside out.


How to Meditate

There are endless meditation techniques out there, but they all share one common goal: to give your brain a break from all the worries and concerns that keep it pumping out unhealthy amounts of stress hormones.

The most common meditation methods involve focused breathing, building internal awareness and reconnecting with parts of the body we may have been ignoring in our busyness. Some of us do this sitting cross-legged on our carpets, but if that’s not your style, find a meditation method that appeals to you.

If it helps, you can pair mediation with a low-level activity that you enjoy like knitting, tossing darts, or even vacuuming.  

The important part is to release yourself from obligations for a set period of time (5 minutes in your car after your commute or half an hour during your little one’s nap). Whatever time you give yourself, make it your goal to stop thinking about the dishes in the sink and the report you have due tomorrow. Find things to be grateful for and breathe deeply.  


Connecting with Nature

Most people find it easiest to meditate when they’re connecting with nature. Whether it’s taking a long walk on the beach or enjoying the greenery of a local park, nature reminds us that the world is much, much bigger than the problems of today.

 Stepping outside the daily grind of humanity will recenter your thoughts and significantly reduce your stress levels. Keep screen time to a minimum and bring nature into your home whenever you can. Put a potted plant on your coffee table, open the windows to let in the breeze and favour products that are made of natural ingredients.

The Essence of Humanity’s skincare products — made from 100% natural ingredients — provide the perfect opportunity for mindful consumption. Not only are they free from harmful chemicals that further stress our bodies, they are chalk-full of vitamins and antioxidants that support a healthy lifestyle.

The Oneness Cream Balm, for example, is made from Kalahari Melon Seed Oil with Rooibos and Kiwi Seed extracts so that it doesn’t just soothe and revitalize your skin, it protects it.


Benefits of Mindfulness

It doesn’t take long for the benefits of mindful living to take shape. On the inside, the reduction of stress will combat things like high blood pressure, insomnia and strengthen your immune system… and on the outside, that translates to fewer wrinkles and bags, better posture and a spring in your step.


The truth is that we look our best when we feel our best. Mindfulness will help heal your body, and perhaps more importantly, it will heal your soul.